​Tire Warranties

​When you come to VIP, you will receive the best price on tires as well as special guarantees that are designed to ensure you are happy with your tire purchase. We also offer exceptional service and many FREE services that you won’t get at most automotive service providers including alignment checks and tire inspection.

200% Lowest Price Tire Guarantee

200% LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: At VIP, we check the prices of tires at our competitors every week, and we promise to always have the lowest price on any tire. We stand behind our promise with our 200% Lowest Price Tire Promise. Our promise is simple…if you find a verifiable lower price on an identical tire at any competitor, we will BEAT their price when you have your tires installed at VIP. In addition, we will give you a VIP Gift Card* for Double the Difference! Just show us the competitor’s price quote, advertisement, or website price, or we will call the competitor to verify the price for you. (For Internet Retailers the competitive price must include all shipping & handling charges – and does not include third party sellers such Amazon, EBay, etc. Also excludes Wal-Mart). All competitor prices on sale items are valid only during the sale period, and written quotes are valid for 30 days from the quote date. In the event of a Buy 3 Get 1 Free tire sale, the tire price (price per tire) will be calculated based on the combined price for all 4 tires at both VIP and the competitor. THE LOWEST PRICES ON TIRES EVERYDAY! THAT’S OUR PROMISE TO YOU.

(* VIP Gift Card cannot be used for the same transaction as the tire purchase/installation. Limit of 4 tires, and one per customer per year.)


Your satisfaction is our goal at VIP. If, within the first 30 days of your purchase, you’re not completely satisfied with your new tires, simply come back and we’ll credit the amount you spent on tires toward the purchase of any new tires at VIP of equal or greater value. Mounting and balancing your replacement tires will be FREE.


If you’re like many other VIP customers who run dedicated winter tires, we have a way to save you money so you’ll never pay for a seasonal tire changeover again! Every set of tires purchased from VIP comes with free mounting and dismounting for the life of the tires. And, when you also purchase VIP’s Tire Maintenance Plus++ on your new tires, we will rebalance those tires for FREE for the life of the tires. If your tires were purchased from VIP without Tire Maintenance Plus++, then you’ll just pay for rebalancing each time. If you have a set of tires that were not purchased from VIP, then you’ll pay for mounting and rebalancing each time. Mounting and balancing charges apply for the original tire purchase.


To get the longest life and best performance from your tires, always follow your vehicle manufacturer’s tire maintenance recommendations. This generally includes checking air inflation monthly, frequent tire rotations (usually between 5,000 – 7,000 miles), and ensuring that your wheels are in proper alignment. Failure to follow these recommendations can result in shortened tire life as well as decreased performance. VIP offers a Tire Protection Plan to help protect you against accidental damage caused to your tires (see above). Your tire may also be covered under one or more warranties offered by the tire manufacturer, or VIP.

Mileage Warranty

This is a specific mileage-based warranty that covers you if your tires wear out prematurely based on miles driven. This warranty applies to tires installed on the original vehicle they were purchased for, and is based on normal, expected wear conditions and patterns. Tires that wear out prematurely due to lack of tire rotations, improper inflation, or vehicle misalignment are not covered. Tires eligible for mileage warranty will be prorated based on miles used.


Manufacturer Defect Warranty

This is a warranty that may be time-based or mileage-based depending on the tire manufacturer’s policies. This warranty covers you against defects as a result of the manufacturing process, and eligibility will be determined by inspection of the tire by the manufacturer. Tires eligible for manufacturer’s warranty may either be prorated based on tread depth or replaced without cost depending on the specific tire manufacturer’s policies.


To calculate prorated credits based on tread depth, we use the following formula: current tread depth minus 2/32” divided by the new tread depth minus 2/32” times the original purchase price of the tire, net any discounts. This will be the amount credited to your purchase of replacement tires. Measurements are taken at three points across the tread. The lowest tread depth measurement is used for prorating. Tires with 2/32” or less tread at any point across the tread will not be prorated. You must present your original Work Order along with the register receipt for verification.


After the first 25 miles of driving after your wheels have been removed and replaced, after driving on new wheels, or after new tire installations, you should re-torque the wheel lugs in case the clamping loads have changed following the initial installation. This is necessary due to the possibility of metal compression/elongation or thermal stresses affecting the wheels as they are breaking in, as well as to ensure that the proper manufacturer’s torque specifications are maintained. AT VIP, WE WILL RE-TORQUE YOUR WHEELS FOR FREE AT ANYTIME — NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY.


Tires with a lower speed rating may vary in ride, handling and/or other performance characteristics. Failure to follow the OE manufacturer’s speed rating recommendations may adversely affect the handling of the vehicle, making it easier to lose control. This can lead to a serious or fatal accident. In general, replacement tires should have a speed rating equal to or greater than the speed rating of the OE tires. Always consult your owner’s manual and follow the OE manufacturer’s speed rating guidelines.

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