Get peace of mind with added protection for your tires.

When you purchase VIP’s Tire Maintenance Plus++, you get peace of mind and added protection for your tires. Our plan covers your tires if they are damaged due to road hazard, impact, glass, or potholes. In addition, we will re-balance the tires covered by the plan for free — during tire rotations, tire changeovers, or repairs!

Repairable tires covered by VIP’s Tire Maintenance Plus++ will be repaired FREE of charge, including free mounting and free balancing.

Unrepairable tires will be replaced with new tires on a prorated basis according to the terms and conditions below. All you’ll have to pay for is the installation cost and optional Tire Protection on the new tire. This coverage includes AWD vehicles — we’ll replace all four tires in the event of an unrepairable tire.

  • Tires damaged within the first six months of purchase or 25% of tread wear, whichever comes first, will be repaired or replaced for free.
  • Tires damaged after this period will be prorated based on the original price purchased and applied as a credit towards the price of the replacement tire. The tire must have at least 2/32” of tread remaining across the entire tread area. This will be validated by measurement with a tread depth gauge in three places across the tire tread.

Tires that have been damaged by misalignment, lack of rotation, improper inflation, mechanical defect from the vehicle, or from off-road use are not guaranteed under VIP’s Tire Maintenance Plus++. Tires damaged by an automobile accident, fire, theft, or malicious acts are also not guaranteed.

VIP’s Tire Maintenance Plus++ is not transferable and excludes fleet or commercial vehicles. You must present your original Work Order with the register receipt for verification when you bring your vehicle in. Applicable Taxes, Environmental Fees, and Shop Supplies will be charged.

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