Keep the wheels you use in spring, summer, and fall gleaming by using dedicated steel winter wheels.

Many people who live in harsh winter climates like ours buy special steel winter wheels for their snow tires. Doing so protects the wheels they use the rest of the year from damaging salt and potholes.

There are many benefits to purchasing dedicated steel winter wheels:

  • Your snow tires are permanently mounted on the steel wheels, which saves your all season tires from having to be dismounted and remounted twice a year
  • Steel wheels are made to withstand winter weather and related wear and tear
  • Using winter wheels keeps the wheels you use the rest of the year gleaming
  • You may elect to mount a smaller winter tire size to save money

Stop by VIP anytime and our Certified Tire Professionals will gladly to go over your wheel options and the related costs and savings with you. We will also re-torque your wheels for FREE.