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Vredestein Tire Store

An established European brand with over 110 years of quality, Vredestein tires have been making in-roads throughout the U.S. market over the past few years. Leaning on its European heritage, Vredestein is committed to design excellence — producing premium tires that look as good as they perform. Not only does VIP Tires & Service carry this leading brand, we are the exclusive Vredestein dealer throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. 

Types of Tires Offered

  • Performance: Designed for warmer temperatures, performance tires are manufactured with special tread patterns and rubber that allow for maximum traction and grip.
  • All-weather: Like their name suggests, all-weather tires are versatile and can perform well in a variety of weather conditions and can be severe snow-rated.
  • All-season: Versatile and suitable for warm and cool climates, but not recommended for extreme weather conditions on either side because of specific rubber components.
  • Winter: Manufactured to perform well in snow, ice, sleet and other cold weather conditions. Winter tires are typically soft, with an intricate grooved tread pattern — made for holding compacted snow and creating traction — and are severe snow-rated.
  • Limited stud options: Studded tires are specialized winter tires that feature small metal studs that protrude across the tire tread. These studs allow for traction on the slipperiest conditions, including packed snow and wet ice. Because studded tires do not perform as well on clear roads and can damage road surfaces, they are prohibited by some states for only seasonal use.

Benefits of Vredestein Tires

If you want a premium tire at a less-than-premium price, then you won’t find a higher value than Vredestein brand tires. Stylish and well-designed, Vredestein tires are carefully crafted to not just look good aesthetically, but also to offer a comfortable, quiet ride and unparalleled performance. Often described as “comfortably rugged,” Vredestein tires have earned top consumer ratings and offer good mileage ratings that are on par with top U.S. brands.

VIP Tires and Service Warranty

All of our tires have a 30-day ride warranty. If you’re not satisfied with your tires within 30 days of purchase, we’ll credit the tire price toward new tires of equal or greater value. Mounting and balancing your replacement tires will be free.

As an authorized Vredestein dealer, we also offer their 100-day trial period for their Hitrac, Hypertrac, Pinza AT (P-Metric & LT) and Pinza HT (P-Metric & LT) tread designs.

VIP Tire Maintenance Plus++

The Tire Maintenance Plus++ program includes free tire, mounting and balancing repairs. With the program, unrepairable tires will be replaced for free within 6 months of purchase or 25% tread wear.

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