­­­It’s just after 7 a.m. and Ryan Frost has already been up for three hours. Waking up early is part of his routine, as he and his wife have two small children. While Ryan insists that their 5-month old is a perfect sleeper, he’s quick to point out that the 3-year old wakes up at
7 a.m. EVERY morning. By this time, Ryan has already hit the gym to power up his day and put on his VIP uniform.

For more than five years, Ryan Frost has been a familiar face at the Scarborough VIP Tires & Service location. Ryan’s skills under the hood and with customers have earned him a large and loyal following that keeps his schedule busy all year long. His manager is quick to sing his praises and point out all the awards on the wall. They all have Ryan’s name on them. (Image)

Ryan is very aware that the world of auto mechanics is constantly changing and evolving. Since he began as an auto mechanic at VIP, there are more electrical components to cars than ever before. Computers now run the vehicles we drive. This means in order to make accurate diagnoses, auto shops need the right equipment, as well as well-trained, continually educated auto mechanics. To help stay at the top of his game, Ryan takes courses throughout the year to stay up-to-date with the industry. For example, he recently completed an electrical certification class, a course sponsored by VIP/O’Reilly’s. Having this constant, hands-on training, Ryan finds most helpful to keep his skills fresh and make sure his customers are getting the best automotive service possible.

We all know that feeling of panic when something is wrong with our vehicle and we don’t know what it is. Finding an auto mechanic during these times can be especially intimidating. This is one challenge that Ryan likes about being a mechanic – helping customers to quickly figure out what is causing the problem and how to fix it. This kind of problem solving is something Ryan enjoys tackling every day and says this is one of the most important qualities to look for in an auto mechanic.

Why you can trust Ryan Frost as your local auto mechanic:

Ryan Frost loves to socialize with his customers about their vehicle’s automotive service issues. If Ryan finds something wrong with your vehicle, he’s not just going to fix it and charge you – he will bring you out into the shop and SHOW you what’s wrong and what he can do to repair it. Building trust with his customers is important to him.

Where can you find Ryan Frost?


VIP Tires & Service

441 Payne Road

Scarborough, ME 04074

(207) 883 – 6841



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