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There are many factors that affect how often your car will require exhaust service and replacement of its various parts, such as your driving habits (i.e. if you frequently take short trips), poor road conditions, vehicle type, and the age of the exhaust system parts. There are five main parts in a typical exhaust system, and they all need to be functioning properly in order to ensure your safety. The five parts are:

Exhaust Manifold: Located at the forefront of the exhaust system, it is responsible for venting gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe, and burning leftover fuel that was not burned properly by the engine.

Oxygen Sensor: Sends readings of oxygen levels to the car’s computer, which then regulates the amount of fuel is needed in the engine for the greatest fuel efficiency.

Exhaust Pipes: Carries exhaust through the entire system, from the manifold at the front to its exit at the tailpipe.

Catalytic Converter: Converts carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it more environmentally-friendly.

Muffler: Acts as a silencer for the exhaust system’s loud noises of combustion.

Exhaust Diagram


Warning signs that your exhaust system needs attention:

  • You notice overly sweet or acidic/sharp odors inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle.
  • Any change in sound, such as: a clunking, rattling, or thumping sound coming from beneath your car, a popping, or clicking sound coming from the engine, a hissing or whistling sound, or an overall increase in volume. 
  • An increase in muffler exhaust.
  • Your car is getting less fuel efficiency.

Any change in the way that your vehicle sounds or smells is an indicator that you need to bring it in to have your exhaust system looked at, because the underlying issue could be – or quickly become – a serious problem. The exhaust system is made up of a series of chambers and pipes that start at the engine and end at the tailpipe. It is responsible for controlling your vehicle’s emissions by routing dangerous exhaust gas from the engine away from the car in order to keep you and your passengers safe, and also for reducing the amount of noise that your car makes. If something seems off, and an exhaust or muffler service seems inevitable, instead of bringing your car to the muffler shop down the street, bring it to VIP where you can always count on straightforward advice, superior automotive service, and the lowest prices on high quality brand name exhaust parts – guaranteed.

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