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If you are experiencing problems with your check engine light, bring your vehicle to VIP Tires and Service. Our ASE Certified technicians will scan your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics System as a first step in determining the problem, and run additional testing and diagnostics if necessary until we can pinpoint the exact cause of the issue. Once we know what caused the check engine light to come on, we will inform you about it and let you know what if any necessary steps are in order to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. In many cases, the issue may be related to something as minor as a loose gas cap and the solution is a simple check engine light reset. For more information, please take a few moments to review “common check engine light issues” below.

For your convenience, VIP is open seven days a week and there are always qualified technicians on staff ready to assist you with any check engine light issue. If repair is indicated, we will gladly answer questions you may have and we work with you to find the best and most affordable solution. VIP offers complete auto repair services and the largest selection of auto tires in New England. If your check engine light acts up, VIP has you covered, with 56 locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire. No appointment necessary -- call VIP today!


When it comes to your check engine light, it is better to be safe than sorry

The purpose of the check engine light is to warn you that there is a problem with your emission control system, but it does not indicate the exact nature of the problem. It is for this reason that it is always best to bring your car to a qualified mechanic who has the tools and resources to locate the source of the issue. check engine light flashing problems should never be ignored, even if your car seems to be running smoothly, because you could be putting yourself in harm’s way and increasing your car’s risk for developing serious problems. Your safety is far too valuable to brush off the importance of your vehicle’s warning signs simply for the sake of avoiding costly repairs. Ignoring your check engine light won’t make it go away; it will just make the underlying problem more complex and more expensive to fix later on. Even if it seems like a hassle to bring your car to a mechanic, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and never more so when it comes to the dependability of your vehicle. 


Common check engine light issues

My check engine light turns on and off or flickers 

If you notice that your check engine light turns on and off depending on different driving conditions (e.g. it turns on when driving through town, but turns off when on the highway), then the issue is present during the conditions where the light is on. Pay close attention to the performance of your car while the check engine light is on to see if there is any difference from the way it normally drives. If there is a noticeable difference, the best thing to do is immediately limit your driving and bring it to a professional mechanic as soon as possible for further evaluation. If there is no noticeable difference in performance, you are probably fine to drive home, however there is a risk of your car not starting, or even dying, once it is parked. Your best bet for both scenarios is to bring your vehicle in to be inspected by a qualified auto technician so that any potential problems can be caught early.  

My check engine light comes on and stays on 

If your check engine light is constantly on while driving, and there are no apparent performance issues, a good first step is to check your gas cap and make sure that it is tightened properly, as that can set off your light. If it is tightened and the light continues to stay on, there is a good chance that there is a problem with your emission control system. When this happens, you should bring your car to a mechanic at your earliest convenience to have it looked at in order to avoid the risk of it not starting.

My check engine light is on and there are noticeable performance problems 

When your check engine light is constantly on and accompanied by noticeable performance issues, it means that there is a serious problem with a crucial component of your emission control system and engine management system that is necessary for your car to continue running. If this happens, it is best to avoid driving the car at all, as it could potentially stall or stop without warning. The best thing to do is to have your car towed to an auto shop where it can be looked at and have the necessary repairs made.

My check engine light is blinking in a steady pattern 

If you notice your check engine light flashing in a steady pattern when you are accelerating, it is critical that you pull over to a safe place immediately and call to have your car towed to a mechanic. This steady blinking means that your vehicle’s emission control system is experiencing failure and causing the engine to misfire to the extent that your catalytic converter is being seriously damaged with every blink of the check engine light. Pulling over is incredibly important at this point, as failing to do so can cause your catalytic converter to overheat to dangerous levels and even catch fire. This situation always requires prompt attention because it is a risk to your personal safety as well as the ability for your car to recover.

Questions about your check engine light? Call VIP. Were open seven days a week, no appointment necessary.

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