Preventative maintenance and tune-ups are an inexpensive way for you to ensure that your car is running as it was designed. Regular examinations of your vehicle can eliminate a wide range of potential problems and can help you catch smaller problems before they become much bigger and costlier issues. Regular preventive auto maintenance is the most cost effective way to extend the life and performance of your vehicle, and it is generally easier and cheaper than you might think. Small and seemingly insignificant fixes such as air filter replacements, spark plug replacements and oxygen sensor repairs are modest investments that can not only save you big bucks down the road, but can also improve air quality for both you and other drivers.

Car maintenance checklist for making your car greener and more fuel efficient:

  • Regular tune ups and oil changes - When your engine is lubricated with clean oil it uses less fuel and emits fewer pollutants through the tailpipe. Regular oil changes also help save money by avoiding costly engine repairs, and helps the environment!
  • Heeding the speed limit - If you are serious about saving money on gas and prolonging the life of your car, driving sensibly is one of the smartest habits that you can develop. In addition to driving at a reasonable speed, getting out of the habit of rapid accelerations and stops will not only boost your fuel efficiency—it will also protect your brakes from an untimely demise.
  • Take advantage of cruise control - If you’re driving on a flat stretch of road, turning on your cruise control can improve your gas mileage by up to 7 percent because it allows you to maintain a steady speed without the need for constant acceleration.
  • Park in the shade - During the summer try looking for a parking space in the shade, or invest in a reflective windshield shade to keep the internal temperature of your car cooler . The cooler it is, the less energy and gas you will waste on blasting the air conditioning upon start- up.
  • Monitor your tire pressure - Checking to make sure that your tires are properly inflated on a regular basis is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase fuel efficiency. Underinflated tires have a higher rolling resistance and they require more energy to move forward.
  • Open your windows at low speeds and use your A/C at high speeds - Unless the outside heat is unbearable when you are driving through town, try opening the windows to get a nice breeze rather than relying on your air conditioning to improve fuel efficiency. When you are driving on the highway, using your A/C is actually more fuel efficient than having open windows because strong cross winds create enough drag to actually decrease your gas mileage.
  • Turn off the engine - If you are going to be waiting in the car for more than 30 seconds, turn off your engine. Idling is the most unnecessary means of wasting gasoline and polluting the environment.
  • Consider carpooling - Taking turns with your co-workers or neighbors when it comes to driving to work or school is an easy way to cut back on your gas budget, and taking one car off the road every day is a great way to be greener.


Common sense green car maintenance can start saving you money today

While hybrid cars are far superior to traditional cars when it comes to having a higher fuel economy and a lower negative environmental impact, you don’t need to run out and buy one in order to reduce your carbon footprint. There are many simple ways for you to make the car that you currently drive more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly without spending an arm and a leg. I t all starts with proper auto maintenance. Practicing preventative maintenance, getting regular professional check-ups and using common sense in your driving habits are surefire ways to save money at the pump and reduce the amount of pollution emitted by your car. Having a greener car not only benefits your wallet; doing your part to promote cleaner air by decreasing the amount of needless pollution is an invaluable favor to the planet as well—and that is certainly something to feel good about.


Go green with a little help from VIP

At VIP Tires and Service, we understand the hardships that drivers face when it comes to paying for gas. That’s why we take pride in our ability to help you get the best fuel efficiency from whatever model of car you drive. Our expertise in preventative maintenance techniques and auto repair service sets us apart from our competition. We believe that you deserve a car that is dependable, safe and efficient – and we have both the tools and the drive to make that a reality. Whether your car is in need of a big repair, a small repair, or just a quick oil change, our ASE Certified professionals will provide you with top-notch automotive service that will help improve your fuel efficiency and put your hard-earned money back into your pocket.

From tune-ups to tire pressure, VIP has everything you need to start driving greener today. So stop in or call VIP today—no appointment necessary!

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