Tune-up requirements for today’s cars have changed significantly from what they were in past generations. Cars are now built with one or more onboard computer systems that are responsible for controlling critical engine and transmission management functions, and this has largely eliminated the need for manual adjustments that were once the norm. Despite this, recommended auto maintenance tune-ups are still an important aspect of car care and they should never be neglected.

If you have noticed a change in your car’s performance and suspect that it is in need of a tune-up, call or come into your local VIP. Our ASE Certified technicians will pinpoint the underlying issue by running a series of performance and diagnostic tests to assess the health of your engine and other key systems as well as performing a visual inspection of your vehicle to check for any parts that might need replacement. Whatever the problem —from something as simple as a misfiring spark plug to something much more complex—making the necessary repairs will get your car back to running at peak performance.


The importance of recommended car maintenance guidelines

Technological advances in the auto industry over the past few decades have made today’s vehicle tune-ups a far cry from what they once were. And even though they require fewer replacements and adjustments, their necessity when it comes to maintaining the health of your car remains the same. It is a common misconception that today’s modern vehicles don’t need tune-ups. The reality is that in order to ensure that your car is running as efficiently as possible and getting the best gas mileage, it is incredibly important to pay attention to your car manual’s recommended car maintenance schedule and follow it accordingly.

A proper tune-up is necessary to restore the health of your engine, and a healthy engine is necessary in order to get the best fuel economy and reduce your car’s emissions. Failing to commit to proper maintenance of your vehicle on a routine basis puts your car at risk for developing potential problems that can quickly spiral into costly repairs, so don’t take the gamble. Having a car that is reliable is imperative for your safety, your passengers’ safety, and the safety of other drivers on the road – so underestimating the value of tune-ups isn’t worth the potential consequences.

Is your vehicle trying to tell you that you need a tune-up?

Modern vehicles are equipped with technology that lets you know when something is not working properly so that you can bring it to a professional who can diagnose and fix the problem. Paying attention to warning signs is crucial in order to stop potential problems in their tracks. Here are a few signs that it’s time to get a tune-up:

  • Difficulty starting 
  • Stalling at a stop light or after hard braking 
  • Unusual surging or misfiring upon acceleration 
  • A noticeable decrease in your gas mileage 
  • Your check engine light is on 
  • You have gone over the mileage listed in your car manual’s recommended maintenance schedule for routine tune-ups

When you go in for a tune-up, your mechanic should perform a thorough inspection of the following systems:

  • Battery (charging and starting) 
  • Powertrain control (including onboard diagnostic checks) 
  • Engine mechanical 
  • Fuel lines 
  • Ignition 
  • Emissions car exhaust systems


Schedule your next tune-up or preventative maintenance with VIP today!

Don’t put preventative maintenance on the backburner. A proactive approach to car care is the easiest way to save yourself money down the road by avoiding unnecessary repairs. You know your car better than anyone else, and in addition to following your recommended automotive service and maintenance schedule, you should also trust your instincts; if something doesn’t feel right, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true when it comes to safeguarding the reliability of the vehicle that is designed to protect you and your loved ones from harm’s way when you’re on the road.

For your convenience, our doors are open seven days a week, and our ASE certified technicians will be there to assess and solve whatever car troubles you are experiencing and restore your peace of mind. From tune-ups to complete preventative maintenance service, VIP has everything you need to keep your car running smoothly. So, call VIP today!

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