Some characteristics run in the family. For the Corella family, becoming an ASE-certified Master Tech auto mechanic is just one of them.


Following in the footsteps of his father, VIP Master Tech, Michael Corella of Presque Isle, Maine, was always interested in auto mechanics. Since he was a young teenager, Michael was fascinated with how cars work. From a young age, he used his free time to change oil and help out alongside his dad in the family-owned business.


With $800 down, Michael purchased his first vehicle – a red ’91 Dodge Ram Truck – that needed everything, down to new fenders and truck bed. While auto body work was far from his favorite thing, Michael is grateful for the experience. He recently sold his truck and still spots it on the road from time to time. “Seeing that Dodge Ram on the road brings a smile to my face and reminds me of my roots,” says Michael.


One of his earliest memories as a mechanic was when he was about 16 years old. A man came into the shop and said his car wouldn’t start. “It was pretty simple to figure out what was going on because as soon as I looked at the fluids, I could see that he had topped it off to the very tip top – drowning the engine,” says Michael.


The exploration to discover a problem and fix it was what drew Michael to become an auto mechanic. Today, when a vehicle drives into the Presque Isle VIP with a problem that has stumped the owner or another mechanic, Michael is excited to jump on it, properly diagnosis the problem, and fix it. “Making a customer happy is important to me,” says Michael. “It feels good and it usually means they will come back again.”


When Michael Corella steps out of his ASE-certified Master Tech VIP gear, he’s usually outdoors enjoying the beauty that northern Maine has to offer. Michael is almost always outside, even in the winter. But 4-wheeling on Mars Hill with friends and family or out in a kayak on the lakes or rivers is how he loves to spend his days. Now and again he will road trip south, to visit his dad in Virginia, where he moved to after retiring from his own career as an ASE-certified Master Tech.


Why you can trust Michael Corella to be your local auto mechanic:

When you pull your vehicle into a garage, you want to know that you’re in good hands.

Michael wants to help his customers understand what’s happening with their vehicle. “If they like the work I am doing and trust me, they will come back. Having loyal customers makes me feel good about what I’m doing,” says Michael.


Where can you find Michael Corella?


VIP Tires & Service

830 Main Street

Presque Isle, ME 04769


(207) 764-3181

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