The craziest story that VIP Tires 7 Service Master Tech, Chris Martin, tells sounds likes something that needs to be verified on Snopes. But he insists that the story is true; and that he’s not creative enough ‘like that’ to make such a thing up. What’s this crazy story, you might ask? When Chris worked at a dealership, a customer came in complaining of a strange rattling noise whenever they turned corners – fast OR slow.  It was a brand new car. To Chris’ dismay, the usual suspects for such an issue led nowhere. Upon opening up the floorboards, Chris found the ridiculous source of the problem: marbles. There were a handful of marbles in the floorboard rolling around, causing the mysterious noise. The memory still makes Chris laugh and shake his head.


At first meeting, Chris Martin seems shy amongst the boisterous crew at VIP. However, get him talking about what’s happening with your vehicle, and he instantly lights up and reveals a fountain of knowledge gained from years of experience in the field. He’s been with the VIP family for a few years, first at the Gorham location, before joining the Saco team about a year ago. Chris has a special place in his heart for Subaru’s. While he grew up in a family that worked on a variety of vehicles, Subaru’s are what he worked on while studying at Southern Maine Community College (SMCC).


Chris finds the technological advancement in auto mechanics both a blessing and a curse for techs and vehicle owners alike. These computerized systems have more layers, and thus are more difficult and more complex, but deliver more knowledge. These computerized systems make drivers more aware of problems that would otherwise escape their attention: tires that are just a smidge low, the pressure in your gas tank, or the oil levels in your engine that you used to have to check with a dip stick, Chris states, “It’s good that customers know about these issues when they are small and easier to repair, and typically more affordable. Knowledge is power.”


The next time you visit the Saco VIP Tires & Service location, be sure to congratulate Chris Martin – he just became a dad for the second time. Chris is a very hands-on dad; he spends lots of time with his two boys, the older of whom is six. He claims his newborn is an easy baby, and that he and his girlfriend are sleeping well. In the summer months, he spends a lot of time with them at his family camp in Windham, enjoying the awesome outdoor adventures that Maine in the summer has to offer.

Why you can trust Chris Martin to be your local auto mechanic:

Chris loves what he does – figuring out where there is problem and how to fix it - but that’s not where his passions end. “Knowledge is power” is a statement that Chris believes in, not just for himself but also for his customers.  Chris won’t force any customer into an auto repair, but will try to educate them to the best of his ability about what the problem is and why. He has a loyal following at the Saco VIP location, so he must be doing something right.

Where can you find Chris Martin?

VIP Tires & Service Saco, Maine
3 Ocean Park Road
Saco, ME 04072
(207) 282-5969




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