If you’ve ever been to a VIP Tires & Service location you know that regardless of why you brought your car in, our ASE-certified Master Techs conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle. This is what we call a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection. We recently spoke with Justin Hynes from our Yarmouth, Maine location about this particular aspect of VIP’s customer service.


It’s important to know that these inspections are not intended for your Master Tech to go looking for trouble. The ultimate goal is to keep you safe on the road and help you maintain your vehicle to avoid more costly repairs in the future. A tighten up here or there, a new filter, fluid exchange or other small repair today could prevent a more time-intensive repair down the road.


When it comes to the multi-point inspection, Justin says customers should make sure they know what to look and listen for when it comes to maintaining their vehicle. He invites his customers to come into the bay and inspect their vehicles with him, so they know what to keep an eye on. Things that stand out include:


Fluid maintenance – Fluids keep your car’s major systems functioning efficiently, like all-wheel drive. No fluid, no AWD. And this time of year, wiper fluid is crucial to being able to see through salt-slicked windshields.


Air filters – Not only do air filters ensure that you and your passengers have clean air but they also keep your engine running efficiently. Remember Justin’s story about the baby mice living in a cabin air filter?


Suspension system – These New England winters, especially, can jostle things loose that only take a quick moment to tighten and prevent issues down the road. Even one pot hole or curb could loosen a nut or bolt.


Brakes – Making sure your vehicle stops when you want it stop is important. There are many components of the braking system that wear and need replacement periodically without needing a full brake job.


Justin tells us that throughout all of his years working at VIP he has seen some ‘sketchy stuff’ and wondered how the car is even still on the road. “I look at each car as if my mother, daughter, or wife is going to be driving it. Also, what if this car was coming at my family,” Justin says.



If you see your VIP Master Tech headed towards your car with a clipboard in hard, chances are, they’re going to check your vehicle from head to toe for a multi-point inspection. Don’t be shy - ask your Master Tech if you can join in and learn more about your vehicle. Chances are they’ll love the opportunity to help you understand what’s going on under the hood. And remember, if you suspect anything going on with your vehicle, you can stop by ANY of VIP Tires & Service’s 56 locations for a free multi-point vehicle inspection at any time.

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