With winter approaching and chilly temps already upon us, it was only natural to chat with VIP Master Tech Michael Corella about getting our vehicles ready for winter. “Don’t let these cold New England winters get the best of you and your vehicle,” says Michael Corella. “At VIP Tires & Service, we want to make sure you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.”


If you’re like us, you’re trying to be efficient with time and money. Getting your car ready for winter MIGHT be on your list of things to do but it is at the top of your list?


Winterization is important, especially if you live in a region where the temps drop significantly. Keep yourself and your family on time and safe while on the road this winter. Mindful of hectic schedules, Michael suggests three non-negotiables to keep you and your family safely moving around this winter.



Tires. Check ‘em. “Proper inflation is important for tires to grip the road, especially as they get covered in snow and ice,” he reminds us. “Also, seriously consider snow tires. These will give your car extra grip on a snow and ice covered roads.” The choice of whether to get studded or stud-less snow tires is up to you, Michael says. “Stud-less snow tires are quieter than studded and are effective in getting around on snow covered roads. Studded snow tires provide better grip on ice, but make sure you pay attention to wear and tear. Worn studs can poke through and ruin your tire (and your day). Talk to your local VIP Master Tech before selecting a winter snow tire. “They will make sure you get the right tire for your drive, conditions and your vehicle,” says Michael



Coolant check. Do it. Michael reminds us that coolant is easily overlooked. “But checking your coolant fluid can make a huge difference in your winter driving experience,” he says. Maintaining proper levels and mixture will prevent coolant from freezing, and frozen coolant can wreak havoc, causing hoses to break, lack of heat, damage to the engine block, and cracks in the radiator, to name just a few problems.



Tune Up. Make it purr. This is something that should be done as periodic maintenance regardless. The arrival of winter is a great time to prioritize a tune up for your vehicle. It’s a great overall assessment of how your vehicle will run. Master Tech Corella also reminds us that, testing our battery and alternator health to ensure cold morning starts is important, but something we don’t often think about until the car doesn’t start.. Things like changing out spark plugs, having an oil change, and greasing up your vehicle for the cold are some simple strategies to keep your vehicle moving during these COLD New England winters.


Every winter, Michael sees vehicles that have not been prepped for the season. “They roll into the Presque Isle VIP location where winter is no joke,” he says. These cars are coming in with some serious conditions that could have been easily prevented. If you hear a creaking noise, it might still be early enough to catch the trouble before it causes damage. “Often, it can be something simple like ice buildup, but it could be more serious like struts, balls joints or a suspension issue.”



Since every VIP Tires & Service location offers FREE winterization checks, there’s no reason to ignore your car! Come in and see VIP Master Tech Michael Corella to get your car off to a great winter.

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